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Dress Code

Royal Wimbledon prides itself in its traditions and etiquette both on the golf course and in the Club House.

Players are expected to be suitably attired in golfing clothing. Shirts without collars, clothing with obvious commercial advertising and items designed for other sports or activities are not permitted. Should shorts be worn, players must wear white socks that finish above the ankle or knee length socks of any colour.

The Club's bar is a casual area where Members & Guests may relax at the end of their round without the need to change from golfing clothing and footwear. It is expected that in Winter or inclement weather conditions, players will change from dirty or wet clothing before using the bar.

The Old Dining Room, which is a secondary bar area, is for use by those Members and visitors who have changed after golf or are visiting the Club purely socially; smart casual wear is the minimum expectation.

In the Club's Main Dining Room, gentlemen are expected to wear a jacket and tie with tailored trousers, ladies may dress to suit their personal tastes, but a measure of style and decorum is expected. In high Summer, smart casual wear is permitted.

Trainers, jeans, tee-shirts, clothes with obvious commercial advertising are not permitted anywhere within Royal Wimbledon.

Robert J Brewer