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Junior Membership

Royal Wimbledon acknowledges the importance of a thriving junior section and is proud of the opportunities it offers to its Junior Members. There is first class coaching available from Head Professional, David Jones, and the rest of his team as well as numerous competitions and fun events. Royal Wimbledon competes in many county competitions and provides the perfect environment for juniors looking to take up the game or even to make a career from it.

Robert J Brewer

The Objective of the Junior Section is to nurture a love of golf and an appreciation of its values which we hope will bring a lifetime of enjoyment to our Junior Members. The Junior Section aims to be a friendly and welcoming part of the Club for all of its Members. Juniors are encouraged to participate fully in the events organised by the Junior Organisers, and it is hoped that they will enjoy meeting and playing with other Members whilst also improving their skills as golfers. All Juniors are expected to be aware of and to abide by the basic Rules of golf and of RWGC and to observe good golfing etiquette and sportsmanship. The Junior Section will have succeeded in its Objective if, by the time a Junior reaches the age of 18, he or she will have become a competent and competitive golfer while, at the same time, appreciating that being a good Club Member is as much about good behaviour and good company, both on and off the golf course, as it is about being a good golfer.
(a) Children of Members
Junior Membership is available to children of Members between the ages of 10 and 18 years, although an application will not normally be accepted after a candidate’s 16th birthday unless there are exceptional circumstances. Applications for this category must be proposed and seconded by Members, be supported by the Junior Committee, approved by the Membership Committee and ratified by the Committee.

(b) Children of Non-Members
Junior Membership is also available to children whose parents are not Members of the Club, up to a maximum of 40 in number. Applications for this category must be proposed and seconded by Members, be supported by the Junior Committee, approved by the Membership Committee and ratified by the Committee. Not more than a maximum of 5 Juniors will be admitted in any one academic year.

Juniors admitted will be required to return at least four cards each year. Their progress and participation will be monitored by the Junior Committee to ensure that they are making full use of their Membership, which will be reviewed from time to time.
Junior Membership will expire no later than 30th September following their 18th birthday or on completion of their school education.

(a) Application for Membership of the Club
Each Spring the Junior Committee may recommend a limited number of maturing juniors (those who have or will become 18 years of age during the current academic year) for special consideration by the Membership Committee for Membership of the Club. This recommendation will be based on the achievement of a handicap of 18 or better for boys and 28 for girls, together with an assessment of each individual’s personal contribution to the Junior Section and their general suitability for Membership of the Club.

Other ex-juniors, whom the Junior Committee feel are suitable candidates for membership, but are unable to recommend due to the number of memberships available, will be encouraged to join through the normal membership process where the application process favours those under 35 years old with a handicap less than 18 and who have breadth and depth of Members support.

All enquiries regarding membership of the Junior Section should be sent to [email protected].

(b) Playing Rights of ex-Junior Members
Ex-junior members who are on the specially recommended list for Membership (see above) will become Members of the Club (18-25 Category) on 1st September, subject to the Committee’s confirmation. At that time, they attain Members’ playing rights according to the appropriate membership category.

All other ex-junior members have no playing rights beyond the expiry of their Junior Membership on 30th September. Sons and daughters of Members, regardless of Junior Membership, have some privileges under the Rules of the Club, which are not the concern of the Junior Committee.
The permitted hours of play are as follows:

(a) Monday to Friday
At any time, but Members of the Club have priority and must be let through if there is evidence of slow play.

(b) Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays
(i) Summer
Handicaps 18 and below may play after 11.00 am, handicaps 19 plus after 2.30 pm but only if playing with a Member or Junior with a handicap of 18 or less or with the permission of the Secretary.

(ii) Winter
Handicaps 18 and below may play after 11.00 am, handicaps 19 and above after noon but only if playing with a Member, or Junior with a handicap of 18 or less or with the permission of the Secretary. 

Juniors may introduce one guest at any one time upon payment of the relevant green fee, but only on a week day.
In order to gain experience and for handicap purposes, Junior boys and girls with official handicaps of 18 or 36 or below respectively are encouraged to play in senior competitions, but may not enter any associated sweepstakes, and entry is subject to the following conditions:

(i) Juniors with a handicap of 18 or better may enter the Monthly and Mid Week Medals provided that they play with two adult Members, so they may gain experience in competitions and also for handicapping purposes.

(ii) For all permitted competitions and meetings, except for midweek and monthly medals and stablefords, Juniors must apply to the Junior Organisers for their express approval to enter;

(iii) Juniors may win stableford and medal competitions, but as they do not pay an entry fee they would not participate in the sweep payout, but they would be recognised as winners and be entitled to the memento medal awarded to the winners of monthly stablefords and medals;

(iv) As appropriate, Juniors may win Club competitions and meetings.
Juniors who join the club without a handicap will be requested to submit 3 cards in order to obtain an official handicap index. As per the World Handicap System rules and regulations a maximum handicap index of 54.0 may be allocated if deemed appropriate. Junior Members will have the opportunity to reduce their handicap through competitions or the submission of supplementary scores.
The Juniors’ Rooms are situated behind the Professional’s shop and may be used by all Junior Members. There is a games room and a lounge with TV and Video and shoe storage. The lavatory in the Juniors’ Rooms is for boy’s use only. Girls should use the Ladies Changing Rooms which is accessed by the entrance door opposite that for the Junior Rooms.

The Juniors’ notice board is situated within the Juniors’ Rooms.

It is the responsibility of all Juniors to ensure that rooms are left clean and tidy and that any crockery and cutlery taken from the main Clubhouse be returned after use.

Juniors may use the Old Dining Room and the Veranda Room, but not the Bar, and must be properly dressed, golf shoes are not permitted. Alcoholic drinks will be not be served to Junior Members.
Juniors are expected to follow the same dress code as adult Members and guests.

Details of the Club's dress code can be seen when clicking here.
Players are expected to:

(i) Avoid excessive noise on the course, and not to move, talk or stand close or directly behind a player making a stroke;

(ii) Mend pitch marks on the greens; tools are available from the Professional’s Shop;

(iii) Smooth out bunkers, after use the rake should be pointing in the direction of play, the head of the rake should be as far into the bunker as possible and the tip of the handle should be on the very edge of the bunker. The rake should be positioned in the centre in the bunker and not to either side.

(iv) Replace divots and tread them in; Avoid practice swings on tees;.

(v) Comply with trolley diversion signs and keep their trolleys off tees, greens, aprons of greens and worn or wet patches of the course, not drop clubs on the greens, and replace flag sticks carefully in an upright position;

(vi) Always play without delay and invite the following match through if they are being held up and a clear hole has been lost on the players ahead;

(vii) Leave the course in the condition in which you would like to find it.
The use of mobile phones for conversational purposes is strictly prohibited both on the Course and in the Clubhouse and must be switched off when on the Course.

Their use for other purposes (e.g., texting and as diaries) is not encouraged but is acceptable provided that their use is silent and non-intrusive.
With the exception of Royal Wimbledon Junior Committee Members or staff, spectators and/or caddies are not permitted to accompany any junior matches played at Royal Wimbledon. This includes internal club competitions, such as knockout matches or Stablefords/medals, and fixtures against other Clubs. If competing against another Club, this regulation also applies to the parents or guardians of the opposition team.